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A Thought on Political Ignorance

"Voters cannot hold officials responsible if they do not know what government is doing, or which parts of government are doing what. Given that 20 percent thinks the sun revolves around the Earth, it is unsurprising that a majority is unable to locate major states such as New York on a map. Usually only 30 percent of Americans can name their two senators. The average American expends more time becoming informed about choosing a car than choosing a candidate. But, then, the consequences of the former choice are immediate and discernible."

~ George Will

SOURCE: His January 1, 2014 "Price of Political Ignorance" Column in which he reviews Ilya Somin's book, "Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter"

P.S. Your humble scribe will not be growling for the next several days. Have a Happy Easter. El Growler Grande, 4/20/14.


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