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Arlington School Board Adopts a 'Lean Budget'

Scott McCaffrey of the Arlington Sun Gazette posted an online story this morning in which he reported, "Per-student spending to decline in adopted Arlington school budget."

Here's how McCaffrey begins his report:

"Overall spending would rise to $556 million but per-student spending would drop 3.6 percent under the preliminary fiscal 2016 budget plan adopted by School Board members April 9.

"The spending package is less than that proposed by Superintendent Patrick Murphy at the start of budget season, reflecting a tightening fiscal environment.

"Although per-student spending is likely to remain highest among Washington-area jurisdictions, School Board Chairman James Lander called the adopted package a “very lean” budget.

"School officials now will have to wait until April 21 to see if the County Board will fully fund their budget request for the coming year. The budget adopted by the School Board seeks $6.2 million more than proposed in County Manager Barbara Donnellan’s draft budget.

"Per-student costs will decline even if the full funding is provided; under the School Board budget, the per-student cost of $18,558 for fiscal 2016 will be down from $19,244 in the current year."

You can read the remainder of McCaffrey's report here, which notes "step" pay raises, the addition of three positions in facility operations where construction projects are handled, and the "creation of a new family- and community-engagement specialist."

Sure doesn't sound like a lean or austere budget for taxpayers.

Growls readers who have not yet told members of the Arlington County Board that taxpayers in Arlington County are overtaxed and under-served are urged to take a few minutes to tell Board members to cut the real estate tax rate. Just click-on the link below:

  • Call the County Board office at (703) 228-3130

And tell them ACTA sent you.


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