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Time Ticking Away for the Artisphere Boondoggle?

Scott McCaffrey reports at Arlington Sun Gazette this morning that after an April 7, 2015 Arlington County Board budget work session,  "It ain’t over until it’s over. But when it comes to the Artisphere arts center, it looks like . . . it’s over."

Here's how McCaffrey begins his reporting:

"County Board members appear ready to follow the advice of County Manager Barbara Donnellan and pull the plug on the four-year-old Rosslyn center, a facility even supporters acknowledge was conceived without much thought to what it would be and how it would attract patronage.

"At an April 7 budget work session, board members split 4-1 in favor of closing the center, which occupies space lent to the county government by a developer in return for higher density on another Rosslyn project. The site formerly housed the Newseum, which decamped a decade ago to the District of Columbia.

"County Board Vice Chairman Walter Tejada was the only board member to voice a desire to keep the arts center afloat.

"Donnellan late last year proposed keeping the center going until the end of the county government’s budget year this June, then closing the doors.

"The county government will still be on the hook for operating expenses related to the space, and could work to either sublet it or attempt to get the developer to take it back before the end of the lease term."

You can read the remainder of His report here. In case you ever get to thinking the Arlington County Board doesn't have enough money, note McCaffrey's discussion of taxpayer subsidies going to the Artisphere vanity project:

"And subsidies there were: In its first full year of operation after opening, it cost the county government – and taxpayers – $41 for every person who came into the facility, according to county figures."

Growls readers who have not yet told members of the Arlington County Board that Arlington County taxpayers are overtaxed and under-served, not to mention subsidizing the Artisphere's "patrons of the arts" to the tune of $41 each, are urged to take a few minutes to tell Board members to cut the real estate tax rate. Just click-on the link below:

  • Call the County Board office at (703) 228-3130.

And tell them ACTA sent you.


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