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A Thought on the Prospects of Young People

 “. . . . many in the ruling generation are by and large inattentive and heedless about the bleak prospects inflicted on younger people, who will neither benefit from the government’s untenable programs, into which they are or will be forced to make “contributions,” nor possess the wherewithal to pay trillions of dollars in outstanding accumulated debt when the amassed IOU bubble bursts during their lifetimes or the lifetimes of future generations. Still, it is argued that millions of people benefit from such programs. Of course, trillions of dollars in government expenditures over many years most assuredly benefit the recipients of subsidies or other related  payments. But this does not change the arithmetic. The eventual collapse of a colossal government venture will indiscriminately in engulf an entire society and economy, including its millions of beneficiaries and benefactors, resulting in widespread disorder and misery. While this alone is daunting, no less derelict and pernicious are the other seemingly myriad ideological and social designs loosed on society by a ubiquitous federal government.”

~ Mark R. Levin

Source: Pages 10-11, “Plunder and Deceit: Big Government’s Exploitation of Young People and the Future.”

For a review of Mark's book and/or link to chapter 7 of the book, go here.


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