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The Federal Budget: A CBO Infographic

The federal budget infographic below was posted today by the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) Leigh Angres and Maureen Costantino. According to CBO:

"For people who are not very familiar with the federal budget, it can be a challenge to find out how much the government spends and takes in each year and what programs and revenue sources account for the largest portions of those budgetary flows. With the start of a new session of Congress, we thought it would be a good time to update our budget infographics, which offer a detailed look back at fiscal year 2015 as well as broader trends over the past few decades. You can view the four infographics below—the first focused on the overall budget and the others on its components."

We hope the following infographic on the federal budget and historical views on both the deficit and the debt proves helpful to visitors to Growls:

Three additional budget infographics are available for 2015: 1) mandatory spending; 2) discretionary spending; and, 3) revenues. Kudos to the CBO for publishing such helpful infographics to disseminate information about the federal budget.


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