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A Thought about Jobs and the Economy

"Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, noted in an article for Real Clear Markets that the government’s latest survey of job creation shows that 78% of the jobs created were part-time, and 82% were in the food-service and retail industries. Remember when Democrats used to complain that the torrid pace of job growth under President Reagan didn’t matter because they were all “hamburger-flipper jobs.” It wasn’t true then, but it is now.

"Schiff rightly points out that much of this is due to costly regulations imposed by Obama — which Hillary Clinton wants to “build on” — that have made it too costly to hire full-time workers.

"Obama does hold one economic distinction. Since he took office, real annual GDP growth has never once topped 2.5%, making him the first president in modern history to have achieved such an unbroken string of dismal growth."

~ Editorial, Investor's Business Daily

Source: their IBD's 3/10/16, posted at Investor's Business Daily.


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