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A Thought about Normalcy, Revolution, and Politics

"Freezing federal hiring, clamping down on lobbyists and auditing big bureaucracies — after the Obama-era Internal Revenue Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, General Services Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, State Department and Secret Service scandals — are overdue.

"Half the country is having a hard time adjusting to Trumpism, confusing Mr. Trump’s often unorthodox and grating style with his otherwise practical and mostly centrist agenda.

"In sum, Mr. Trump seems a revolutionary, but that is only because he is loudly undoing a revolution.

~ Victor Davis Hanson

Source: his commentary in the February 2, 2017, Washington Times.

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Victor Davis Hanson (born September 5, 1953 in Fowler, California) is an American military historian, columnist, former classics professor, and scholar of ancient agrarian and military history. He has been a commentator on modern warfare and contemporary politics, according to Wikipedia.


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