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A Thought on Tax Complexity

"In 2015, candidate Trump said that he wanted to “put H&R Block right out of business” by simplifying our taxes. In an interesting short video, Block’s CEO responded to Trump’s threat, and to charges that the company benefits from the tax code’s complexity, reminding us that “there are five different definitions of a child in the tax code.” A columnist at Block’s hometown newspaper wrote that putting Block out of business “would wipe out 80,000 jobs.” Right, and the only reason those people have their jobs is because Congress has made our income taxes too damn complicated. If Congress really wants to give Americans another tax cut, then they should simplify income taxes so we don’t need to pay someone to prepare our tax returns.

"We know that Democrats have no compunction about making our lives more complicated in order to affect their social agenda, but what about the GOP? ObamaCare complicated our taxes with its tax credit subsidies, and now we learn that the replacement for ObamaCare might just have that same feature.

"What sheep we Americans have become if we think that our personal income tax system is necessary, natural, and normal. It’s disturbing that a supposedly free people would meekly accept such a tax system. It needs to be radically simplified, which would serve as a “tax cut” for the middle class and all Americans."

~ Jon N. Hall

Source: his 2/10/17 article, "The Real Tax Unfairness," at American Thinker. See original for embedded links, especially the first paragraph above.

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Hall is a programmer/analyst and a frequent contributor to American Thinker.

UPDATE (2/11/17): We've growled frequently about tax complexity and the need for tax reform, or better yet, a flat tax. For example:

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  • Explaining "Gross Tax Mismanagement: 'Complexity," June 3, 2013.

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