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A Thought about Dependency on Entitlements

"The consequences for those trapped in entitlements are forbidding. Getting a job means losing your situation—in housing, health care, and so on, with criminal penalties if you don’t come clean about making more money. The authorities play along in the enforcement/judicial system because it brings them more business, as the brave new entrants to the real workforce are tagged as “offenders.” Ordinarily, we’d call this enserfment, or worse.

"The working class, in the 2010s, faces hurdles surely unprecedented in our star-spangled history to do just that, work. Thanks, Obama. Or maybe it is thanks, Nancy Pelosi. You recall after she waved through Obamacare in the House in 2010/11, she said it will free up people to discover themselves, namely not to work. How prescient that unfortunate creature was."

~ Brian Domitrovic

Source: his October 16, 2016 column at Forbes.com.

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In his Forbes columns, Mr. Domitrovic writes "about how history can help illuminate the economic challenges we face today, and how very often historical sources do validate free-market economics. I’m author of what’s now the standard history of supply-side economics, "Econoclasts: The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity" (2009)."In addition, he and Larry Kudlow "recently published a book on the history of the great John F. Kennedy tax cut and its influence on both the 1960s and the 1980s, "JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity" (Portfolio, 2016)." (Source: his Forbes biography)


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