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Weekly Wages in Arlington County Trail National Increase

An online story today at Arlington Sun Gazette says, "Year-over-year weekly wages among those working in Arlington were up 3.9 percent in the third quarter of 2016, according to new federal figures, but lagged the national increase."

According to the weekly newspaper:

"The average weekly wage of those employed in the county (no matter where they live) was $1,648 for the quarter, according to figures reported March 7 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figure was good enough to rank the county seventh highest among the nation’s 345 most populous counties.

"But the growth rate ranked Arlington only 292nd among those counties, according to federal figures.

"Nationally, the average weekly wage of $1,027 was up 5.4 percent from a year before.

"The highest average weekly wage in the third quarter of 2016 was reported in Santa Clara County (Calif.) at $2,260, followed by San Mateo County (Calif.), $2,098; San Francisco, $1,892; New York County (Manhattan), $1,879; the District of Columbia, $1,728; Suffolk County (Mass.), $1,660; Arlington; King County (Wash.), $1,582; Middlesex County (Mass.), $1,555; and Fairfax County ($1,546).

"Fairfax’s average weekly wage was up 5.6 percent from a year before, ranking the county 168th out of the 345 largest counties in terms of percentage gain.

"Among other Virginia localities, the average weekly wage in the third quarter was $1,447 in Alexandria (up 5 percent); $1,155 in Loudoun County (up 3.5 percent); $1,124  in Richmond (up 3.2 percent); $1,030 in Norfolk (up 3.4 percent); $995 in Newport News (up 3.6 percent); $992 in Henrico County (up 5 percent); $913 in Prince William County (up 6.5 percent); $877 in Chesterfield (up 5.4 percent); $812 in Chesapeake (up 6.4 percent); and  $729 in Virginia Beach (up 3.7 percent)."

The story links to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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