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A Thought about Federal Spending

"If we believe that the federal government should be involved in funding after-school and summer programs for local communities, then there is no party in Washington that believes anything should be outside the scope of the federal government. It’s that simple. It’s simply indefensible for cradle-to-grave-socialism on such a local level to be funded by the federal government, yet the federal government funds just that through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) to the tune of $1.67 billion a year. Now, a group of 81 Republicans and Democrats, pressured by teacher’s unions and rent seekers who stand to benefit from “free funding,” are demanding that the Trump administration take this program off its list of cuts."

~ Daniel Horowitz

Source: his April 14, 2017 column, "We'll Never Put a Dent in Federal Spending When so Many RINOs Want to Keep After-School Welfare Programs," Conservative Review.


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