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Cost Increases Halt Next Round of NCAC Projects

At ARLnow.com yesterday, Chris Teale reported,"No new projects to improve pedestrian safety — such as sidewalk fixes or streetlight installations — will be approved until at least December after a vote last week by a citizen committee."

He continued, writing:

"The Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee voted April 13 to suspend its spring funding round due to “anticipated increases in construction costs for projects that have already been approved by the County Board,” neighborhood conservation program coordinator Tim McIntosh said in an email.

"NCAC represents 48 of the county’s 57 civic associations and leads the development of neighborhood plans. It also recommends neighborhood-initiated improvements for county funding, like sidewalks, street beautification, pedestrian safety projects, street lights and parks.

"The NCAC’s decision does not affect existing projects already approved by the County Board. McIntosh said design work and construction on several plans will continue this year, but that the committee “wanted to reserve a portion of its 2016 bond to cover any cost overruns which may occur later this year for projects going out for competitive bid.”

"The focus will be on continuing design work for approved projects and making sure sufficient funding is on hand to complete them prior to approving new ones,” McIntosh said.

In an email, an anonymous tipster was critical of the NCAC approvals process and said more must be done to help improve pedestrian safety."

Teale also reported that "McIntosh said no decision has been made about the fall round of funding, set to be voted on in December."

Arlington County's has much more information about the neighborhood conservation program, including NC plans, the NC funding process, the NC Guide, and the NC advisory committee (NCAC). You can also access a list of participating neighborhoods.

Will wonders never cease? We have been concerned with NC project cost overruns. However, NCAC delegates are due kudos for taking action to defer funding action for six months. And hopefully, this action will be a wake-up call for county staff and the Arlington County Board to get their arms around NC costs.

Growls readers are encouraged to voice their concerns about the Neighborhood Conservation program known to members of the Arlington County Board.  To contact the Board, just click-on the following link:

  • Call the County Board office at (703) 228-3130.

And tell them ACTA sent you.


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