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A Thought about the Minimum Wage

"Every side in a political argument tends to gild the lily, but the acknowledgment of any downside is particularly devastating to liberal presumptions. Liberals are inherently activists on domestic policy, and to make the strongest possible case for action, you need certainty, not nuance; cost-free benefits, not painful trade-offs; blissful promises, not unintended consequences.

"Consider the minimum wage. Rarely do liberals truly grapple with the possibility -- supported by some, but not all research -- that it suppresses employment. If they did, they would be more cautious about advocating a higher minimum wage in a soft job market, and less scornful of opponents."

~ Rich Lowry

Source: his December 13, 2013 column, "The Left's Reality Problem," published by The Oregonian.

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Rich Lowry is editor of National Review.


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