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Arlington County-- Then and Now

A news item yesterday in the online Arlington Sun Gazette said the Arlington County Board is "set to approve school expansion.

According to the Arlington Sun Gazette article:

"On Saturday, County Board members are slated to take action that will allow the School Board to expand the capacity of a high school and two middle schools (including Gunston, which reopened in the 1990s), while also providing for additional classroom-trailers at a slew of elementary schools.

"The action comes as school officials continue to grapple with rising enrollment, which has seen the student population rise from less than 20,000 a decade ago to almost 27,000 today.

"In a series of what are likely to be pro-forma actions, County Board members are slated to approve modifications that will increase interior capacity of Wakefield High School from 1,903 to 2,203 seats; increase capacity at Kenmore Middle from 986 to 1,060; and increase Gunston’s interior capacity from 932 to 1,004.

"All are in line with requests from the school system.

"In addition, County Board members are slated to act on requests to add temporary classrooms adjacent to Long Branch, Claremont, Oakridge and Patrick Henry elementary schools and Arlington Traditional School."

The items are on the County Board's so-called consent agenda as Arlington Public Schools Use Permits (Agenda Items 8.A through 8.I.) The summary, background, and discussion on each of the nine reports to the County Board provide an interesting history of the Arlington Public Schools over recent years. Arlington citizens wishing to speak at County Board meetings can find additional information about meeting times here.

As the Sun Gazette pointed out, "Thirty-nine years ago, Arlington school officials shuttered Gunston Middle School due to declining enrollment across the school district." Scroll forward from 1978. How times have changed.

If Friends of Growls who are Arlington County taxpayers have additional questions about the capacity at APS schools, take a few minutes and write to the Arlington County Board. Just click-on the link below:

  • Call the County Board office at (703) 228-3130

And tell them ACTA sent you!


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