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Arl. County Officials See Some non-RE Revenue Growth

In a report today by the Arlington Sun Gazette's Scott McCaffrey, "Arlington government officials are expecting growth – albeit in some cases slower growth – in the non-real-estate taxes and fees it levies for" FY 2019."

According to McCaffrey:

"County officials presented the estimate to County Board members in late October, in preparation for the fiscal 2019 budget process. County Manager Mark Schwartz will present a draft budget in February, with the County Board adopting a final spending package in the spring. The budget will take effect July 1.

"While taxes on commercial and residential property bring in the bulk of Arlington’s local tax revenue, there are other taxes that augment the bottom line of a budget that now totals more than $1.2 billion a year."

Additional information in this October 24, 2017 press release. More detailed information can be found in the County Manager's report to the Board in his financial forecast for FY 2019 (Agenda Item #46 of the Board's October 24 recessed meeting). Also, see our October 30, 2017 Growls, especially the observation about responding to the county's questions concerning the FY 2019 budget.


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