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The County Board goes all SJW

The County Board has taken a break from giving away our tax dollars to the world's richest man, the DEA, and other worthies to join the  School Board and go all SJW in some cultural vandalism.

"The County Board will hold a public hearing at its Thursday, April 25 meeting, and consider adopting a resolution asking the Commonwealth Transportation Board to rename Jefferson Davis Highway, within Arlington’s boundaries, to Richmond Highway, after violent protests by African-Americans."

Ok, I made up the part about protests. There was no public outcry.

This is Stalinesque in its revisionism, but evidently 1984 is no longer a cautionary tale, but rather an instruction manual.

Jefferson Davis was an honorable man, as was Robert E. Lee and J. E. B. Stuart. The same cannot be said of the lickspittles who run the county and its schools.

Shame on them all.




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